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Split//Second is a forum theatre production aimed at S2 pupils that explores the consequences of carrying a knife. It follows the character of Kate who becomes the victim of an online hate campaign.

 Split//Second is a co-production with Granton Youth Centre. GYC have carried out intensive research into gang violence, territorialism and knife crime. 

The production is currently touring all 23 Edinburgh Secondary Schools in association with No Knives Better Lives and is funded by Cashbackfor Communities.


Feeback for Split//Second 

'extremely powerful' 

'disturbingly realistic'

'to me it was so powerful as it was performed by young people, who are the same age as the characters, the same age as my daughters and its young people of that age that these situations are happening to'

'I think its brilliant. I'm healthy excited to see what happens'

Audience Feedback

'I enjoy coming in each week as an actor and bringing other young peoples stories to life'

'this project is totally different to anything I've performed in before. I love it.'

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