Creative Electric collaboration with Unga Nyskapare and Stoff, Stockholm.


Directed by Creative Electric, R I S K is a collaboration with Unga Nyskapare a Swedish Theatre company based in Stockholm.


R I S K explores how we create through play. As children we play and create freely but as we grow we begin to create boundaries for ourselves, often influenced by both society and our peers. 

 R I S K was a piece of contemporary performance with very few set boundaries. The cast worked to a score as opposed to a script or running order- they had several options of actions they could take at any point during the performance. They could of course choose to take a risk, ignore the score and create their own work on stage.

R I S K premiered at the Kulturhuset, Stockholm as part of STOFF (Stockholm Fringe Festival 2012). 


 R I S K alone


In January 2013 Creative Electric worked in collaboration with Stoff and Fryhuset, Stockholm to continue to explore the theme of risks and risk taking. 

Swedish performer Julie Finnved and Scottish director Heather Marshall worked together to explore the risk of being alone, of taking a stand, of standing alone on a stage when you're used to being supported by five others.  

We're Not Good People

 We're not good people.  

We lie.

We cheat.

We steal.

We love. 

We're not good people. 

A highly physical, verbatim performance that explores honesty. We're Not Good People featured young performers from Stockholm and Scotland and debuted at The Kulturhuset as part of Stoff 2013.