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When I die I want to be the centre of attention

Silence. Watching. Everyday actions. Watching normality.

When I die I want to be the centre of attention


When I die I want to be the centre of attention


When I die I want to be the centre of attention


When I die I want to be the centre of attention


People with Cystic Fibrosis cannot socialise with one another as it increases the risk of infection. Imagine never physically connecting with someone who understands you, who understands what your future holds because they’re heading in the same direction.

HEY, I'M ALIVE! is performed by five performers, one of whom has CF. Each performer is trapped inside a balloon. They’re inside their own bubble with a thin layer of latex protecting them from infection. Audiences are free to wander amongst them, interact with them, observe them and listen to their stories.

‘I remember this time last year there was a weird sort of smell around me. I’m not making this up, but the smell followed me everywhere and it smelt beautiful. It smelt like something positive, light, exciting, a warm feel to it. And now it’s back - well, the feelings of that smell are’.

Creative Electric are working alongside Jordan, his family, friends, medical staff and the Cystic Fibrosis Trust to create HEY, I’M ALIVE! They aim to offer an understanding into CF and how it impacts on both a young person and their family and friends.

‘I’m really starting to like breakfast! I grew up with a massive fear of eating breakfast, because when I was little I was tube-fed, and often vomited in the morning. So breakfast was always a gamble. Now I can physically control the vomiting, with various treatments and an operation over the years, and breakfast has became one of my favourite meals. It’s probably silly. I just like the new experience.’

HEY, I’M ALIVE! uses a combination of physical and verbatim theatre to push both physical and mental boundaries. Performances are shaped by the audience’s interactions allowing each audience member to have a unique experience.

‘I have a massive fear of death.

I’ve spent 19 years fighting, I’ve not lost yet. And as long as I can say I’ve lived before I die, then so be it.’


 "Hey, I'm Alive! by the young Edinburgh-based group Creative Electric, a brief half-hour experience which explicitly seeks to give a higher profile to the issues faced by young cystic fibrosis sufferers, but achieves its aim by delving deep into their private experience, and encasing four of its five young performer in huge plastic bubbles that evoke their powerful sense of social and physical isolation." - Joyce McMillan 2014