HEY, I'M ALIVE! explores the impact of Cystic Fibrosis on a young person, their friends and family. HEY, I'M ALIVE! was created for Arches Live 2014.

HIA is performed by five performers, one of whom has CF. Each performer is inside their own zorb with just a thin layer of plastic protecting them from infection. 

Previewed to sell out audiences at Arches Live 2014.  


 "Hey, I’m Alive! by the young Edinburgh-based group Creative Electric, a brief half-hour experience which explicitly seeks to give a higher profile to the issues faced by young cystic fibrosis sufferers, but achieves its aim by delving deep into their private experience, and encasing four of its five young performer in huge plastic bubbles that evoke their powerful sense of social and physical isolation." - Joyce McMillan 2014