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If it wasn't for the help and support of Electric and their coaching sessions, I can safely say I wouldn't be studying at one of the top 5 drama schools in the UK today. They create a safe space and environment that allows you to explore different speeches, create your own work and find yourself, where there is no judgement. It creates a culture where its okay to fail and that nothing you do is wrong. It gives you the right guidance, that extra push, extra confidence boost to get where you want to be, even when you don't believe in yourself, they do. Electric's coaching sessions are one of the most invaluable things, and I deffinitley recommend them to anyone considering wanting to go on to study at Drama School.

Roz McAndrew, former participant now studying at Italia Conti.


'a deeply affecting experience'

**** The Herald. Neil Cooper on Auditory Hallucinations

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In its unique approach to theatre, what Electric does for me is help explore parts of me I didn't think I could ever share, or express to myself - let alone other people. Suffering from a physical disability, Electric has helped me accept myself for who I am, and not what others would expect - as well as improve my health. Joining has been one of the best decisions I've made to date. 

Jordan, young company participant. 


I've never been working with anyone as open and great as you guys. I learned a lot during this last two weeks. I mean I've never experienced theatre being this much fun. It felt like every second was a part of something much bigger.

Dante Stolt, participant from R I S K and We're Not Good People 


Amazing,inspirational and hard working with a huge dash of party, there are many reasons for our love!

Stoff- Stockholm Fringe Fest on Creative Electric 


It's weirdly powerful stuff, a glimpse into your own memories set off by these others and by the playful nature of the interaction.

**** All Edinburgh Theatre. Thom Dibdin on Auditory Hallucinations.

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Auditioning for drama school is an insanely stressful experience, and one of the hardest parts is simply figuring out where to start. One major things I lacked at the beginning of the process, and perhaps the most valuable thing that I took away from coaching with Electric, is confidence. I was taught to go with my instincts, not to second guess myself and just GO FOR IT with everything I've got. Electric teach you how to approach audition speeches in a relaxed environment, allowing you to feel that you can take risks and really experiment with the text in order to find that character and create a strong and dynamic piece that shows what you can do, ready to take to an audition panel. I honestly think that without attending these sessions, I would not have been able to make it into 3 of the top schools in the UK, as well as the waiting list for another (and I only auditioned for 4!). I simply didn't have the belief in what I could do at first - and Electric got me to finally realise my potential and put it into my work. 

Nick Kidd, former participant now studying at Central.